Optical Products Online: Providing High-Quality Optical Supplies at Affordable Prices

About Optical Products Online

Optical Products Online is a leading provider of high-quality optical supplies at affordable prices. Founded in 1994 by “Nose Pad Kingpin” Steve DesBien, the company has grown from a one-man operation in Kansas City, Missouri to a thriving enterprise with a 10,000-square-foot facility and 12 employees.

A Passion for Optical Supplies

DesBien’s passion for optical supplies stems from his early experience working for an eyewear company. Frustrated with the high prices charged by industry giants, DesBien discovered a way to source nose pads at a fraction of the cost. This realization sparked the idea for Optical Products Online, a company dedicated to providing high-quality optical supplies at fair prices.

A Commitment to Quality and Affordability

For nearly three decades, Optical Products Online has remained true to its mission of providing exceptional products and services at affordable prices. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its wide selection of products, including:

  • Nose pads: Optical Products Online offers a vast array of nose pads in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit every need.

  • Screws: The company provides a comprehensive selection of screws for eyeglasses, temples, and other eyewear components.

  • Temple tips: Optical Products Online carries a wide variety of temple tips in different colors, styles, and materials to enhance the look and comfort of eyeglasses.

  • Lab supplies: The company supplies a range of lab supplies essential for optical labs and eyewear manufacturers.

  • Eyewear kits: Optical Products Online offers complete eyewear kits with all the necessary components for assembling glasses.

  • Tools: The company provides a selection of tools specifically designed for servicing and repairing eyeglasses.

Serving the Optical Industry

Optical Products Online is proud to serve over 35,000 independent optical stores across six regions in the United States. The company’s dedication to quality, affordability, and customer service has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner in the optical industry.

Steve DesBien: A Driving Force

Steve DesBien’s passion for optical supplies and his commitment to providing exceptional products at fair prices have been instrumental in the success of Optical Products Online. His dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has made Optical Products Online a leading supplier in the optical industry.