Welcome to Optical Products Online, where innovation meets comfort! It all began with the nose pad, a tiny yet essential component that sparked the creation of our company almost three decades ago. Our founder, Steve DesBien, recognized the need for variety in nose pads and pioneered the introduction of ‘air pads’ to the market – nose pads filled with silicone and air for unrivaled comfort.

Fast forward to today, and we are proud to offer you an extensive selection of nearly 50 different types of nose pads. From the supple silicone to the flexible PVC and the durable PolyCarb options, we have something to suit every preference and need.

Explore our diverse range of nose pads, featuring various shapes such as ovals, rounds, and D shapes. You’ll discover a plethora of attachment options too, including snap-ins, screw-ins, bayonet, and button styles. These are just a taste of the many choices that await you below.