Optical Products Online Terms of Sale


TERMS OF SALE: Orders up to $150.00 can be shipped with a completed, signed, and faxed Credit Application. Note: Original Credit Application must follow by mail within I0 days to ensure future shipments. Original Credit Application must be on file before future orders can be released.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: All invoices are Net 30 days. A service charge of 1.5% per month plus $1.00 is assessed on al I past due balances.

SUSPENSION OF ACCOUNT: Optical Products Online a division of Fairway Optical Inc.., reserves the right to suspend any account at any time. Existing balances wilt be due and payable according to Terms of Sale. Suspended accounts will be shipped C.O.D. (cash or cashier’s check only)

INSUFFICIENT FUNDS: $30.00 will be invoiced for any Check of non-payment or insufficient funds. DEFAULT: Purchaser agrees to pay all sellers attorney and/or collection costs.

LIMITED WARRANTY EYEWEAR:  Optical Products Online a division of Fairway Optical Inc. Eyewear has a one year factory guarantee against defective material and/or work from date of invoice. Original invoice must accompany the return. Returns not_ accompanied by invoice will be returned to the customer.

LIMITED WARRANTY PARTS, ACCESSORIES, TOOLS, & LAB SUPPLIES: Fairway Optical Products. Inc. has a 30 day exchange on any unused product from date of invoice.

SHIPPING: Free shipping for payment of invoice paid within 10 days on first class packages only

ONE WARRANTIES: All products will not be accepted if not in original condition and as shipped in original package. Cases. including accessory cases and Eyewear cases will be returned with product or subject to charge back at our discretion. A I0% restocking fee may be applicable. – .

CREDIT DUE: Returns are exchanges only. Credit may be issued at the sole discretion of Fairway Optical Products, Inc., with the original invoice. Optical Products Online will not be responsible for product lost in transit.

CLAIMS: Must be reported within I5 days of invoice.

PRICES: All are subject to change without prior notification

RETURNS: As per our standard policy on returns, customer must have an RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization number) to return any products back. If you send any products back without a RMA Number, your will resent back to you. You must contact your account manager to obtain a RMA # from Fairway Optical Products.