Easy Break Hinge Screw : GOLD 2.0mm X 1.4mm X 3.0mm (16.0mm Length) 50pcs.


Easy Break HINGE SCREW  2.0 HEAD x 1.4 Diameter x 3.0 Threaded and 16.0mm Length (Nickel/Silver)

  • EasyBreak Screws break off after installation to avoid having to cut screws to length, and help get them lined up and started. They do not break if over-tightened.
  • Easy Break Hinge Screw: The perfect solution for all your hinge installation needs.
  • 2.0 head, 1.4 diameter, and 3.0 threaded design: Compatible with most hinge types.
  • Nickel/silver finish: Adds a stylish touch to your project and is sure to impress.
  • 16.0mm length: The ideal size for most hinge applications.
  • Long shaft: Makes installation a breeze, ensuring a secure and stable attachment every time.
  • 50-pack: Enough screws to complete multiple projects.
  • Excellent value for your money.
  • Reliable and efficient: Solution to your hinge installation needs.
  • Must-have: For anyone looking for a reliable and efficient solution to their hinge installation needs.

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