Frame Warmer Digital Temperature



  • The Frame Warmer Digital Temperature is an upgraded hot air warmer equipped with a digital display and multiple heat settings.
  • The electronic system ensures high energy efficiency and internal temperature control for precise and consistent performance.
  • The digital display provides a clear readout of the current working temperature, and when the unit is restarted, it automatically returns to the latest temperature setting.
  • The heat control feature offers easy adjustment using simple up and down buttons, allowing for precise temperature control.
  • The frame warmer is supplied with a cup, intensifier, and lid, providing all the necessary components for efficient frame warming.
  • Operates at 220V/50Hz and has a power rating of 800w, ensuring efficient and effective performance.
  • With dimensions of 9.25″ x 5″ x 9.75″, this frame warmer is compact and easy to use.
    Upgrade your optical equipment with the advanced and versatile Frame Warmer Digital Temperature, offering precise temperature control and reliable frame warming.
    Price: $315 Each

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