3M Anti-Slip Disc


3M Anti-Slip Disc

  • Anti-slip: The 3M Anti-Slip Disc is designed to provide a secure grip and prevent slipping.
  • High quality: Made with high-quality materials, this disc is durable and provides long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to use: Simply apply the disc to the desired surface for a secure, non-slip grip.
  • Versatile: This disc is suitable for use with hydrophobic lenses, making it useful for a variety of applications.
  • Large quantity: With 500 discs per pack, this product provides a cost-effective solution for securing multiple surfaces.
  • Compact: Measuring just the right size, this disc is easy to store in a toolbox or on a workbench.
  • Affordable: At an affordable price, the 3M Anti-Slip Disc offers a cost-effective solution for preventing slips and ensuring safety.
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3M Anti-Slip Disc 500pcs

for use with Hydrophobic Lenses

Additional information

Weight 11.2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3.25 in