TOOLKIT1: Pliers and Screwdriver Kit


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Tool Kit 1 Contains:


Nose Pad Adjusting Plier, Bent Snipe Nose Plier, Flat Chain Nose Plier, Round Metal/Flat Nylon Plier, Deblocking Plier, Eyewire Bending Plier, Eyewire Shaping Plier,Double Nylon Jaw Plier, and Chappel Cutting Plier

All Pliers come with an adjustable spring return so that you can control how wide they open for a comfortable fit in your hand. Stand has four vertical slots (for marking pens, rulers, etc.) and ten storage compartments that open out from stand (5 per side).

Screwdrivers (6 Total):
1.6mm, 1.8mm Flat Head, 1.5mm and 1.8mm Phillips, 2.32mm and 2.57mm Hex Nut Drivers

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Weight 104 oz
Dimensions 17.75 × 7 × 8.5 in