Self Tapping Small Head Screw : 1.7mm X 1.2mm X 8.8mm : 100pcs.


SELF TAPPING SMALL HEAD 1.7mm HEAD X 1.2mm Diameter X 8.8mm Length

  • Quantity: 100 pieces per pack
  • Size: 1.7mm (diameter) X 1.2mm (head height) X 8.8mm (length)
  • Type: Self-tapping screw
  • Head type: Small head
  • Material: Metal (likely stainless steel)
  • Finish: Uncoated or plain (without any plating or coating)
  • Suitable for: Eyeglass repair and maintenance
  • Features: Can be used to attach nose pads, hinges, and temple arms to eyeglasses
  • Benefits: Self-tapping design allows for easy installation without the need for pre-drilling, small head is less noticeable and creates a clean look
  • Caution: Use proper tools and techniques to avoid damaging the eyeglasses or the screw itself

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