Temple Tip Extenders +5mm


Temple Tip Extenders +5mm/h3>
5 Pair

  • Size: Each temple tip extender adds an additional 5mm of length to the temple arms of eyeglasses
  • Material: Made from high-quality and durable materials that are built to last
  • Functionality: Designed to provide a comfortable fit for eyeglass wearers with larger head sizes or those who require additional length on the temple arms
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of eyeglass styles and designs
  • Easy to use: Simply slide the temple tip extender onto the end of the temple arm until it fits securely in place
  • Versatile: Can be used on both plastic and metal frames
  • Customizable: Can be easily modified or adjusted by a professional optician to fit the unique needs of the wearer
  • Comfortable: The added length of the temple arms provides a more comfortable fit, reducing pressure on the ears and preventing the glasses from sliding down the wearer’s face
  • Hygienic: Made from materials that are easy to clean and maintain, making them a hygienic choice for eyewear accessories
  • Value: Affordable and long-lasting, temple tip extenders are an excellent value for eyeglass wearers looking to enhance the comfort and fit of their eyewear.
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