Screw Extractor Kit



  • The Optical Screw Extractor Kit is a comprehensive solution for easily removing broken or stripped screws in optical applications.
  • This kit is designed to effectively extract problematic screws and rethread stripped barrels, saving time and effort.
  • The kit includes two copper handle punch tools, providing a sturdy grip for precise extraction.
  • Also includes two copper handles designed for use with the drill bits and tap bits, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
  • The kit features two High-Speed Steel Drill bits and three High-Speed Steel tap bits, offering reliable performance and durability.
  • All components of the kit are conveniently stored in a black case, ensuring easy organization and portability.
  • The Optical Screw Extractor Kit is an essential toolset for professional opticians and eyewear technicians.
  • Streamline your repair process and tackle broken or stripped screws confidently with our reliable Optical Screw Extractor Kit.


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